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About this project

Seminar / Accenture Campus Innovation Challenge

This is a Master Thesis project. It sarted in February 2015 at a practice-oriented seminar at the university of Berne. Our institute, the Institute of Information Systems, and Accenture Switzerland offer this course, which includes a participation at the Accenture Campus Innovation Challenge. The challenge was to work out an idea for the implementation of a smart city project including a business case, the technical and functional concept, as well as a prototype for the proposed system. We (Jenny Tran, Radoslava Pavlova, Nathanael Meier & Manuel Bühler) built up a great team, brainstormed a lot and figured out the basic idea for Pway. Through many tough feedback rounds (thank you, teachers and consultants, for that) we qualified for the Swiss final and even for the DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) final in Frankfurt.

Master Thesis

This success indicated that the basic idea appears to be pretty interesting. Therefore, following Patrick Kaltenrieder’s advice, Nathanael and Manuel decided to continue their work on this project by writing a master thesis concerning this system. We identified two topics with a potential for further development:

  1. Method to calculate the best parking alternative for the user
  2. Development of a nicer and clickable prototype

After a literature resarch and two consultations by our mentor, Patrick Kaltenrieder, the objectives for the thesis were set as follows:

  • Objective I: Overview of the relevant research topics
  • Objective II: Development of a FAHP decision making model
  • Objective III: Development of a concept for a cognitive parking system
  • Objective IV: Design a paper prototype for the vision of Pway
  • Objective V: Evaluation of the solution through the key stakeholders’ perspectives

You can discover Pway by reading our thesis or you can just click through this website using the navigation menu.